Three Portland OR Restaurants That Put Others To Shame

In the great city of Portland Oregon, you are in for some delicious eats. Did you know that Portland has 3500 restaurants? That is a little overwhelming, and you can imagine that you can find a few duds here and there. Instead of driving around and picking a spot on a whim, you can go with one of the following top three restaurants in Portland OR if you like.

Pine State Biscuits is one of those places, and boy do those biscuits look good. My mouth is watering already just from looking at one picture. Since I am nowhere near Pine State Biscuits, a bag of butter popcorn it is then. You, however, can go to Pine State Biscuits on NE Alberta Street, and all kinds of great food. Yes, the reviews say the food is delicious, and the picture I saw was of a gigantic chicken biscuit.

Tin Shed Cafe is up next, and it is also on NE Alberta Street. This place serves you all kinds of great eats, and one of the choices is biscuits believe it or not. Tin Shed Cafe is a brunch spot after all. The restaurant is really popular, so reviewers mention that there can be a wait at times. Potato pancakes and burritos are two of the menu favorites.

The Original is another top spot in Portland OR. It is located on SW 6th Avenue, and it is known as a delicious brunch spot just like the Tin Shed Cafe. The Original serves up burgers, french toast, chicken fried steak and eggs and much more. I can tell you right now that I would be ordering the chicken fried steak and eggs. All three of these top Portland OR restaurants sound like a plan to me, what do you think?