Oregon Jobs: How salaries for 12 Portland jobs stack up nationally

With Oregon unemployment at 4.1 percent, armies of Oregon companies are hiring.

But how well do they pay?

Compared to their national peers, pretty well, in terms of raw numbers.

The Portland Business Journal, as part of our Oregon Jobs 2018 series examined what Rose City-area workers make compared to their national peers.

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At first blush, the numbers are excellent: The average pay, for all occupations, in the region is $25.94, or 8.7 percent more than those in other cities earn.

But the analysis, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, suggests that in 13 indicative industries, Portlanders make less money in five sectors, including software development and accounting.

In gauging the city’s overall employment climate, an ABADO study comparing how the nation’s 50 largest cities rank for job seekers puts Portland in the top 10 in just one category. The report analyzes job density, or the number of jobs per 1,000 residents in given categories.


Ranks No. 17 for jobs in tech, computer and math.Ranks No. 28 for jobs in business and finance.Ranks No. 14 for jobs in construction.Ranks No. 33 for jobs in health care.Ranks No. 8 for jobs in community and social service.

Along with, for the most part, having a wealth of available opportunities, Portland workers have it good in plenty of ways. For instance, Rose City workers get a bit more paid leave time than their national peers (2.56 weeks compared to 2.32), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers in the city, and the Pacific region, also collect slightly better insurance and retirement and savings packages than workers in most U.S. locales, according to BLS.

This is the second part of our Oregon Jobs 2018 series. In Part 1, we looked at 30-plus companies that are hiring hundreds of workers. Part 3, set to run Feb. 1, will include a look at which specific industries grew the most in Oregon over 2017.

Click through on the photo above to see how Portlanders in 12 specific positions compare to their peers in terms of average hourly wages.

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